Faculty Design - K11

Unleash your creativity and brush up your craftsmanship with our broad selection of design workshops, ranging from jewelry making to calligraphy. Create bespoke works of art and handicrafts, and bring your unique handmade masterpieces home.


Carol Cheung
The founder of Bonart

Carol Cheung, the founder of Bonart. “Savor life with us” is the motto firmly rooted in Carol’s commitment to her customers. Carol believes a good quality of life has an unwavering connection with family, friends and community. As a mother of two lovely kids, she deems herself an excellent specialist in creating precious and beautiful moments for families and strengthening parents and children’s relationship with arts and green work.

Travis Ying

Ying Man Hon (Travis), Master of Fine Arts. Travis used to learn calligraphy since 16, he is devoted to visual arts and has created his very own one-of-a-kind style of hand lettering, including Modern Calligraphy, Gothic, Roman and Handlettering and Chalkboard Art.   In these years, he was interviewed by different media about his professions, like TVB, Cable TV, Cup Magazine and Metropop.

Brand: Spark Chamber (The D Project 2017 Finalist)

Spark Chamber is one of the outstanding finalists of The D Project 2017. Their bespoke concept behind the design tells an inspiring story to everyone, and K11 Design Store hopes to provide an interactive workshop platform for them to tell their unique brand story to the public.

Spark Chamber strives to break traditional mindsets and hopes to establish themselves as a creative, practical and versatile floral art brand in Hong Kong.

八 – Post-80s generation founders from different industries
拾 – Pick up your own dream
花 – We hope to bring flower art into daily life
火 – Co-operation with different designers to create brilliant and long-lasting sparks