Faculty Design - K11

Unleash your creativity and brush up your craftsmanship with our broad selection of design workshops, ranging from jewelry making to calligraphy. Create bespoke works of art and handicrafts, and bring your unique handmade masterpieces home.


Kiki Leung

Kiki started embroidering in 2015, and has been learning embroidery techniques from different parts of the world ever since. She founded her own brand, Kiki’s Delivery Service, in 2017. Every piece of her creations is a product of dedication and hard work. Embroidery is like magic to Kiki, and needles and thread are her magic wands, with which she is able to create the most beautiful and unique gifts for all.

Manny Yip

Manny Yip is a painting major graduate and has been awarded artist residencies in Chicago, USA, and Sofia, Bulgaria. She held her first solo exhibition in 2016, and her artworks are frequently featured both locally and overseas. Besides painting, Manny also has years of experience in teaching, and was invited to be the in-school artist of French International School. She founded MistyWorker in 2013, a leather brand dedicated to engaging everyone into the world of art and design through self-creation.