Faculty Art Food - K11

From festive cookery to family cooking, K11 Art Food turns cooking and eating into an inspirational and therapeutic culinary experience. Our workshops take place in a relaxed environment, unveiling cooking tips to elevate your passion for cooking.


Candy Tsui

Candy Tsui is a recipe writer for several popular websites, culinary tutor, and judge for culinary competitions. Candy also specializes in food design and online tutoring. She is passionate about cooking and recently started her own French cuisine private kitchen − La Cuisine Bourgeoise Private Kitchen & Workshop.

Candace Ku

Candace is a Japanese food culture columnist at AM730 and recipe writer for several popular websites. Besides being a cooking instructor, Candace is now also a full time mother, taking care her Japanese husband and two daughters. Candace is passionate about spreading her message of how Japanese family food can be simple and fun to prepare. She enjoys designing lunchboxes and dinners for her kids every day.