Faculty Wellness - K11

Through sports, organic food and living, K11 Wellness will inject positive energy into your hectic lifestyle. We offer a range of workshops to promote wellness, green living, and a healthy way of life.


Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau is a Registered Nutritionist (MSc. in Human Nutrition, Canada) & Nutrition Educator specializing in sports nutrition, weight management, paediatric and maternal nutrition. She is the founder of Nutrilicious, a Hong Kong based nutrition consultancy company. Michelle and her team are sought-after experts for a variety of services: health and wellness programs, culinary guidance and innovation, food product and recipe development, nutrient analysis, dynamic public speaking, nutrition and health writing and more! Her work has been published in newspapers, magazines, and online media in Hong Kong and Asia and she has also contributed unbiased nutritional views on TV and radio. As an avid runner and obsessive home baker, she appreciates and prioritizes balance in all areas of life.

Queenie Chow

Queenie Chow is a resin clay artist with a high level of expertise in handicrafts. With over 20 years of teaching experience, she is a Madoka (Japan) qualified artist certified and owns a studio. She created the brand Pamycarie with her 2 daughters 3 years ago. Pamycarie is a well-known brand in Hong Kong for its unique floral accessories, and it has been featured by various media in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Britain.

Jessica Lee

With over 10 years’ experience in practicing yoga, Jessica completed her RYT-200 and advanced teacher training with Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein in 2014. She is now also an ACROVINYASA Level 2 Certified Instructor with YogaBeyond. With a mission of finding the true balance through powerful training, she hopes to inspire others to discover their potential.

Polly Chan

Polly Chan is the founder of Pause Rewind & Fastforward which opened in 2009.
Polly and the experienced atelier team have dedicated years of research into handcrafting techniques and skills, aiming to preserve the untimely deteriorating materials to evoke reflections on the relationship between the intangible nature of time and the presence of man.
The team mainly focuses on floral designs and is the first Hong Kong-based handicraftsmen to use self-preserved flowers as a means of design.

Kethena Tang

Tea sommelier Kethena Tang, co-founder of the tea brand ‘Jrink’ , the Hong Kong-based independent extraordinary tea brand aims natural wellness echoes the new way of tea culture to healthy wholesomeness;She is dedicated to redefining the tea landscape in Hong Kong and to promoting the japense tea , and new modern art of tea by offering only the finest premium-quality loose-leaf teas. Kethena and her team are sought-after experts for a variety of services: Sole Distributor of Japanese Brand ‘ Dobashien’, Wholesale, Reasearch & Development, Branding & Design, Training and Advisory Service.

Andrew Dino

Fitness doesn’t have to be intimidating! Starting as a professional dancer, fitness instructor Andrew Dino is bringing the trendiest group fitness programs to Hong Kong, inspiring numerous fitness enthusiasts.

Emma Brown

Emma has been practicing hula hoop dance since 2010, and has been teaching it since 2012. She is also a yoga instructor, always encouraging her students to enjoy the learning process and be proud of their progress. She started Turning Circles in 2015 in Hong Kong, providing a variety of courses with the hula hoop, including handmade hoops workshops, hula hoop dance classes, performances and birthday parties for kids.

Rita Chow

Rita Chow
Being diagnosed with an immune system disorder, she was told to prepare to live on a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
With over 10 years of self healing experiences. Had traveled to Findhorn, Scotland to learn about meditation and flower essence therapy. Followed by one-on-one training with the founder of “Lazy Yoga” in Taiwan, further enhancing techniques for physical mental and spiritual healing. Currently the only certified Yoga Tune Up®️ instructor to teach in Hong Kong; she is also a NeuroKinetic Therapy®️ Level 1 certified practitioner, Scolimethod certified practitioner, as well as Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association certified group and private stretch therapy instructor; certified Myofascial release instructor; certified Myofascial release therapist and Taiwan Judy Yoga certified therapeutic yoga instructor.

Noel Poon

Noel is a designer and is one of the founders of Starville. She has been running Orgonite Workshops since 2015. As a light worker she also offers angel cards readings, tarot cards readings, and SRT readings.

Kannis Hau

Kannis Hau is an International Aromatherapist (NAHA The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) and co-founder of Healthy Key Living Pavilion. She has been deeply involved in the study of aromatherapy with chinese medicine therapy, natural skin care products and aromatic emotion management. Kannis and her team offer a variety of services, including personal aromatherapy counselling, corporate aromatherapy lectures, handmade soaps and natural skin care products from their own local brands.