Faculty Wellness - K11

Through sports, organic food and living, K11 Wellness will inject positive energy into your hectic lifestyle. We offer a range of workshops to promote wellness, green living, and a healthy way of life.


Alice Ng

Alice Ng, Co-founer of Hexapi. As a honey lover, Alice found a lack of high-quality honey available on the market. Therefore, she co-founded organic honey brand Hexapi Honey with German Biologist Dr. Lars Krueger in 2015. Their motto, “100 % natural, raw, pure & untreated − Straight from the comb!” is reflected in Hexapi’s superior quality, unique honey flavours and health benefits.
Alice is enthusiastic about German organic honey. Having tried over 60 varieties of honey, she has found that honey is an effective remedy for hyperpigmentation and eczema. It is also a versatile ingredient that can be used in many creative recipes.

Idy Pow

Idy Pow, the founder of Santé Asia, has long been suffering from skin and immune system problems.  Frustrated by the side effects of man-made chemicals found in most skincare products on the market, Idy was determined to learn more about natural therapies in order to help herself and other people with similar problems.  She went through over 777 hours of professional diploma training covering natural essential oil chemistry, aroma physiotherapy, anatomy, pathology as well as Chinese medicine therapy, and eventually qualified as a certified aroma therapist by IFPA (England).  Idy realizes that the concept of aroma therapy is still fairly new to Hong Kong, and most people’s perception of it is confined to the use of essential oil as a fragrance.  She wants to apply her professional knowledge as well as real life experience as a patient to convey the true benefits of aroma therapy.  By developing various series of 100% natural essential oil products for skincare, body care and lifestyle purposes, she hopes to help people achieve good health as well as physical and spiritual balance through aroma therapy.

Karen Lim

Karen Lim, a Certified BarreAmped Master Trainer and co-founder of Barre 2 Barre will lead the class at K11. She has been teaching for over seven years. As a former finance professional and like many working in a high-stress environment, Karen suffered from lower back and shoulder issues. It was then that she experienced the amazing physical and mental benefits of barre and Pilates.
She loves working with her students and showing them how their bodies can benefit from proper alignment. She is happy when she sees the positive change, not just in their bodies but also in their outlook, as they get stronger and more flexible with each class.