Faculty Wellness - K11

Through sports, organic food and living, K11 Wellness will inject positive energy into your hectic lifestyle. We offer a range of workshops to promote wellness, green living, and a healthy way of life.


Stanley Wong

Stanley is proficient in various sports including boxing, basketball and street workout. Noting that physical training is to train the entire body, not just a specific part, Stanley designs programs with students as the primary objective, using mass power to add fun and variety to exercising. He specializes in animal flow. Through observing the postures of animals, he elicits the advantages and integrates them into the training.
l Asian Academy for Sports & Fitness Professionals – Elite Fitness Trainer
l Animal Flow coach
l Hong Kong Boxing Association – boxing coach

Phoebe Wong

Phoebe Wong found her passion for fitness through POP Pilates® in 2013. Since POP Pilates® group classes were unavailable in Hong Kong, she was inspired to become the first and only POP Pilates® instructor in Hong Kong and introduce this new form of workout to the local fitness industry. Phoebe is also a certified group aerobic instructor and certified STRONG by Zumba® instructor. Phoebe believes that being active is a lifestyle – it’s a choice you make for your health and wellness. Join Phoebe for a workout filled with positive vibes, energy, laughter and last but not least, sweat!

Kit Tsoi

Kit Tsoi was an amateur track athlete in Hong Kong. He majored in Physical Education & Recreation Management in Hong Kong Baptist University, equipping him with related knowledge such as exercise physiology, kinesiology, and sports psychology. He is a certified personal trainer of National Academy of Sports Medicine and sports trainer of Sports Medicine Australia, and he is also qualified with other professional sports coaching licenses. He hopes to promote positive changes to society with his knowledge in sports.

Kannis & Winnie

Kannis Hau is a NAHA-certified aromatherapist and co-founder of Healthy Key Living Pavilion. She is dedicated to the study of aromatherapy with Chinese medicine, emotional aromatherapy, as well as natural skincare products.

Leon Cheung

Leon Cheung established the local Brand “Wood Watch HK” I’m 2017. Wood Watch Hk focuses on upcycling reclaimed woods into a luxurious, water proof and long lasting wooden time piece. Besides retail, Wood Watch HK also host workshops to let participants assemble their own time piece.


Saupei is an upcycle design studio ,transform trashes from daily life to unique living products. They are the first local brand who upcycling drink cartons. Other creative upcycling products included outdoor tires furnitures, beeswax cloth and reusable tissue towels.