Faculty Art Infinity - K11

K11 Art Infinity is an art and cultural incubation hub committed to nurturing local creative talents from a young age. We aim to raise art awareness and inspire creativity for children and families through progressive art courses and hands-on workshops in order to enhance their art knowledge and interest in the art world.


Dunn’s Education

Mr Patrick Dunn, a renowned presenter and parent of four, founded Dunn’s Education with a team of education experts and parents. Dunn’s Education focuses on leadership skills training and aims to nurture a group of empathetic, confident and responsible future leaders in Hong Kong. Dunn’s Education was awarded the “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2016 – Most Influential Educator in Hong Kong” award by MEDIAZONE.


Helen has more than 10 years of Henna experience, as well as being an illustrator and graphic designer. She has been invited to participate in different brand collaboration projects.

Man Made Chan Pei

Founded in 2016, Man Made Chan Pei is a local brand that creates series of 3D story lamps and leather products using paper cutting and overlapping techniques. Let’s fill our lives with favourite stories and warm memories.

Picture Book Lab

At Picture Book Lab, we believe: storybooks are an important media to kick-start children’s reading habit; a pleasant reading habit is fundamental to kids’ growth and development; reading with kids in different formats can foster a positive parent-child relationship. Key members of Picture Book Lab are holders of Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education).

Shabibi Sheep Workshop

Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015, a brand from Hong Kong, focusing on fair faced concrete creations.

Virginia Lo
Visual Art Lecturer

Virginia has over 15 years teaching experience in Western painting, Chinese painting and Contemporary Art theory to students of various age groups. She holds Master of Fine Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

W Studio

What’s life without hope, dream, or passion? W Studio aims to stretch your horizons, and take you on a creative journey to search for the important values in your heart. Take a leap of faith. Let art be your guide.

YLY Studio

YLYstudio, newly found in 2017 by Matt YL HUI and Lilian LY Tsang.
By creating this new brand, Matt and Lilian wants to bring back the value of workmanship in fashion.


A graduate from RMIT University with a bachelor degree in Painting. Cat has over 5 years of experience in art and design indusry. Since 2008, she has been teaching art in her studio. Committing herself in art education, Cat has taught a wide range of Chinese and Western Art Classes for all ages.