Faculty Art Infinity - K11

K11 Art Infinity is an art and cultural incubation hub committed to nurturing local creative talents from a young age. We aim to raise art awareness and inspire creativity for children and families through progressive art courses and hands-on workshops in order to enhance their art knowledge and interest in the art world.


Virginia Lo
Visual Art Lecturer

Virginia has over 15 years teaching experience in Western painting, Chinese painting and Contemporary Art theory to students of various age groups. She holds Master of Fine Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

Michael Lim

Michael graduated from the RMIT in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has 10 years of art teaching experience, including oil painting, watercolor, creative arts and crafts. He has collaborated with different community organizations, theater companies and artists to offer art education programs.

Solar Bee Education Limited

Solar Bee Education Limited is an education centre specialised in providing creative STEM classes. Our STEM classes helps children understand common scientific concepts around them and apply them creatively in daily life. We offer STEM crafts workshops and science experiment classes for children aged 4-12. Our founder, Dr Tong Man, has been very passionate in science since childhood and she was the winner of the 9th China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest. She has created all course materials to inspire children and raise their interest in STEM.

513 Paint Shop

513 Paint Shop is a boutique paint shop that brings environmentally safe and green house paints to your home and interiors. They believe that living green and sustainably is a lifestyle choice everyone needs to make and while doing so, one should have well-crafted selections and beautifully designed solutions, from colours of paints to other home decor accessories.


ChocoBerry is devoted to sharing the beauty of Tsumami Zaiku – the Japanese craft of cloth floral ornaments – through integrating the traditional art form into the modern lifestyle. The brand believes that cloth flowers are but another way to appreciate the charm of nature.

Make Centre

Make Centre is a creative studio founded in 2011. Besides offering workshops on wood, laser cutting, floral, leather art and more, it also provides machine rental services to let the public experience the joy of handmade crafts.

Go With The Flow Workshop

Go With The Flow Workshop was founded by Zoe and Quintus in 2016. The Workshop holds artwork, design and flow art workshops, and creating home decorations. They hope that people can enjoy flow art and use it to release the pressure of contemporary life, and bring art into people’s daily life through creating home decorations and hosting workshops.

“Feel with your hands, and follow your heart! Enjoy and submerge your mind in the flowing of pigments. In the end, you will be surprised by the results.” – Zoe

“Art should not be observed, it should be a part of our daily living.” – Zoe & Quintus

Witty and Bluey

<Witty and Bluey> is the creative sister duo consisting of an independent illustrator and a registered arts therapist (expressive arts). We believe in the power of art and its integration into daily lives that brings out the joy from it – because what’s more important than learning to be witty about life and embracing our blues?

More about us:
Witty is an illustrator and an art educator who enjoys sharing happiness and life through art. Bluey is a registered arts therapist (expressive arts) who is aspired to accompany those in need with art.

Wai Wai

Born and raised in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong. Wai Wai is a local illustrator and silhouette artist. She holds a Bachelor degree of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media, with a major in film.

In 2016, she studied water-based woodblock printmaking (Mokuhanga) and studied the Etegami (Japanese Folk Art painting) technique in MI-Lab, Lake Kawaguchi, Japan. In 2017, she went to Heilongjiang Province, China, to study folk art “fish skin painting”, which was featured in the RTHK TV program “Wind Takers”.

Wai Wai paints illustrations of local vintage shops to bring people closer in their communities. Drawing people is her favourite subject, and putting their diligence and dedication into drawings is her most satisfaction. “A Love Letter to Yau Ma Tei” is Wai Wai’s first published solo album.

She made illustrations, shutter painting, mural painting, teaching and hand cut silhouette projects with different parties in 2018, including Eslite Spectrum, Kee Wah Bakery,  Diptyque, The Hong Kong Institute of Housing, St. James’ Settlement, The Cityview, Tung Nam Lou Hotel, etc.

Made Wood Studio

Lam had been an apprentice carpenter for two years before founding Made Wood Studio, where she teaches traditional carpentry techniques and how to make mortise and tenon joints. It is her hope that all participants would learn to cherish through the process of crafting their own wood piece from scratch.