Faculty Art Infinity - K11

K11 Art Infinity is an art and cultural incubation hub committed to nurturing local creative talents from a young age. We aim to raise art awareness and inspire creativity for children and families through progressive art courses and hands-on workshops in order to enhance their art knowledge and interest in the art world.


Virginia Lo
Visual Art Lecturer

Virginia has over 15 years teaching experience in Western painting, Chinese painting and Contemporary Art theory to students of various age groups. She holds Master of Fine Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

Dunn’s Education

Mr Patrick Dunn, a renowned presenter and parent of four, founded Dunn’s Education with a team of education experts and parents. Dunn’s Education focuses on leadership skills training and aims to nurture a group of empathetic, confident and responsible future leaders in Hong Kong. Dunn’s Education was awarded the “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2016 – Most Influential Educator in Hong Kong” award by MEDIAZONE.

Michael Lim

Michael graduated from the RMIT in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has 10 years of art teaching experience, including oil painting, watercolor, creative arts and crafts. He has collaborated with different community organizations, theater companies and artists to offer art education programs.

Make Your Day

Make Your Day is founded by Catrina and Kilio, aiming to explore the endless possibilities of wax materials. Catrina is the first candle instructor with the qualification of Japan Candle Association (JCA) in Hong Kong. “Always find a way to make your day a little brighter” is the core message behind the brand.


WeMakeGift is a gift factory that brings smiles. Their gifts are unique, beautiful, and usually handcrafted. They also host all kinds of events so as to make gifts with their guests, and to generate smiles and positive energy in anywhere!

S3 Workshop

S3 Workshop is a gathering place, allowing you to focus on learning, discovering your deeper vision and appreciation for making things you love. All aspects of craftsmanship happen in our studio space.

Shabibi Sheep Workshop

Shabibi Sheep Workshop was founded in 2015, a brand from Hong Kong, focusing on fair faced concrete creations.


Stickyline was founded in 2011 by Mic Leong and Soilworm Lai. Through deconstruction and reconstruction, they have been creating different art objects in the form of installation art, sculpture, stage design and window display.

The Creative Glass Room (TCGR)

TCGR was founded by the Visual Arts Education and Community Development Project, aiming to cultivating a unique approach that will get students to explore the origin, process and techniques of glass art.

Toffee Studio

Toffee Studio, a brand of handmade products from Hong Kong started out from hobbies since 2014.

Zodiac Pressed flower dreamcatcher is Toffee Studio’s original and signature design.

Hanne Liu

Hanne Liu was born in Shanghai, and is currently Gallerist of chi K11 art space. She attained a Master’s Degree in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining K11, she had worked for various art projects and educational programs in non-profit art organizations including PMQ, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre and National University of Singapore Centre for the Arts.