Faculty Art Infinity Art Lab - K11

K11 Art Lab helps spark innovation in life. With the guidance of artists and studio experts, you will explore your potential by experiencing art making process; while it plants the seeds of creativity for young children by touring K11 Kollection and hands-on art focused experience to nurture curiosity from early years.

About Kids Art Lab

K11 Art Lab is a new art playground for the kids and their parents. With the guidance of professional instructors, children will be inspired by the artworks of K11 Kollection or exhibition on show to develop an understanding of contemporary art and apply them to create own masterpieces.


Virginia Lo
Visual Art Lecturer

Virginia has over 15 years teaching experience in Western painting, Chinese painting and Contemporary Art theory to students of various age groups. She holds Master of Fine Art at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University.

Wai Wai

Wai Wai is a local illustrator and artist. In 2016, she took part in the artist-in-residence programme of MI-Lab and travelled to Lake Kawaguchi of Japan to study water-based woodblock printmaking (mokuhanga) and Japanese postcard art (etegami) techniques. She brought these traditional arts back and shares their beauty with the Hong Kong public through regular workshops.


ChocoBerry is devoted to sharing the beauty of Tsumami Zaiku – the Japanese craft of cloth floral ornaments – through integrating the traditional art form into the modern lifestyle. The brand believes that cloth flowers are but another way to appreciate the charm of nature.

I-BUZZ Learning Zone

I-BUZZ helps children develop their multiple intelligences and talents with games and activities based on child psychological theories. Through interactive and interesting in-class activities in a relaxed learning environment, it cultivates children’s interest in learning, enhances their emotional intelligence as well as communication and social skills.

Michael Lim

Michael graduated from the RMIT in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and has 10 years of art teaching experience, including oil painting, watercolour, creative arts and crafts. He has been collaborating with different community organisations, theatre companies and artists to offer art education programmes.

Sunny Chan

Sunny Chan is a film director and scriptwriter. His recent writer/director work ‘Men On The Dragon’ received 10 nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Sunny is also a love and relationship columnist, lecturer in scriptwriting and guest radio host.


Convinced that appreciating and creating artworks is an inborn right regardless of one’s physical or intellectual abilities, i-dArt strives to encourage people with different abilities to take part in art-making through community art projects and by utilising different media and public art space. It also hopes to promote art as a means to demonstrate one’s abilities and foster mutual understanding in our society.

Jewellers’ Tavern

Jewellers’ Tavern is devoted to sharing the intangible values of jewellery in the modern world. As the name suggests, it aims to gather jewellers to work together and exchange knowledge. It not only provides jewellers with working space and tools, but also regularly holds metalsmithing workshops and exhibitions.

Stone Jamming

Stone Jamming believes gemstones contain natural energy that can strengthen our mind and soul. It seeks to connect natural gemstones with humans by turning them into stylish hand-crafted ornaments.