Faculty Art Infinity Art Docent - K11

K11 Docent Program aims to provide professional guided art tour service to give a further boost to public art appreciation, giving both audiences and tour givers a chance to interact with art and really get to know it.

Training will be provided and make sure participants go deeper than simply talking the talk.


Dunn’s Education

Mr Patrick Dunn, a renowned presenter and parent of four, founded Dunn’s Education with a team of education experts and parents. Dunn’s Education focuses on leadership skills training and aims to nurture a group of empathetic, confident and responsible future leaders in Hong Kong. Dunn’s Education was awarded the “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong 2016 – Most Influential Educator in Hong Kong” award by MEDIAZONE.

W Studio

What’s life without hope, dream, or passion? W Studio aims to stretch your horizons, and take you on a creative journey to search for the important values in your heart. Take a leap of faith. Let art be your guide.