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Art, But Can You Eat It? Question Reality at Cake Illusions Showcase!

29/7 (Fri) 11:00AM
Welcome to Hong Kong’s first-ever illusion cake showcase, where you can experience the sweet surprise of hyper realistic cakes designed to appear as ordinary objects. Each creation by Dear Harley Bakery blurs the line between food and art, challenging visitors to question reality — can you find all the cakes hidden in plain sight?

Cake Illusions Experience 1: Spot The Cake
Let’s feast! But wait… Take a look around the room. Could these ordinary everyday objects be… cake? Your challenge: Find the 13 illusion cakes on our 6-metre-long dining table themed to an “after party” feast!

Cake Illusions Experience 2: Vote The Cake
Let's Play: Guess which object is the real Dear Harley cake! Visitors can cast their vote on-site for which artwork they think might be cake. Catch the big reveal on our Instagram (@K11MUSEA) — we’ll slice the “cake” that gets the most votes!

Cake Illusions Experience 3: Cut The Cake
Join us for some weekend cake cutting fun with Dear Harley founder and cake artist, Alison Chan. One lucky guest per session will be invited to cut open and reveal the inside of an illusion cake for the ultimate moment of truth — don't miss out!
6F, Kunsthalle, K11 MUSEA
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